NEW Globe Postpaid–My Super Plan Review

Update (March 26, 2015): Sad to say, Globe again magically removed the My Super Plan or My Fully Loaded Plan, like what the company did to its previous G-Plans (GText, GTalk, GTalk Plus, etc), G-Flex Plans (G-Flex 800, G-Flex 1200, etc) and its entry level plans (Personal, Advantage, etc).

There is a new, updated version of this blog post. You can read that new post by clicking here.

314 thoughts on “NEW Globe Postpaid–My Super Plan Review

  1. Thanks for this extensive take on Globe postpaid. I just got myself their all-new super plan this morning. Wish I read this before I did so though. It’s been a while since I had a Globe plan.

    Anyway, activating really took that long??? Oh my. :|

  2. i thought globe is better in terms of their consumable plans than smart. i think it would be better to stay as prepaid user after my 6-month subscription.

    • Nowadays, I observed that the time it takes before talking to a Globe CSR is shorter. But I think Smart is better in after-sales. But in service, if Globe still have their voice mail service, Globe, for me, would be better.

      • sir tanong ko lang po kung nabblock ba yung iphone ng globe pag hindi nkabayad ng bills? or yung sim lang ang block hindi yung iphone?

  3. hi, this is really informative. one question though, can you still choose your number before your account gets activated?

      • i want to change my number too. i havent use the new sim and they told me to activate it first before they can change my number to my preferred one. is it true?

  4. its been five days from now, my simcard is still unactivated, tired of calling Globe csr’s asking me same questions over and over again, wooohh if i could return it back..i love the handset though..yet its still still not able not able to use wont take months ryt? hehe..

  5. i am planning to get a postpaid line from globe simply because of iphone4. its the cheapest way of getting one, for me. its like your just paying for the load only. im eyeing for plan 1799 so i need to cash out almost 10k. not bad, considering iphone4s price is around 30-35k for a 16 gb unit. i have a free line from smart (free from smart bro, thats for 6 months) and a line from sun. of all network sun is the cheapest. for 999 you have unli call,text and surf. i just hope that globe allow those consumable plans holder to use those loads for unli services (impossible). thats the best they could offer. or much better, sun to offer iphone4. :)

    • If you don’t use Globe promos, such as unlimited SMS or unlimited calls, then try their plan 1799. Yun nga lang, the bad part is, 1799 is consumable for everything except for unlimited text, calls and internet promotions. Also, I think you will pay a lot on data charges because Iphone 4 is a smartphone. If you could find a way to unlock the iphone 4, then use it with your Sun subscription…

      • sorry for the very late reply. As long as it’s a phone that uses a data connection, you will pay a lot on data charges. Their 1799 plan does not include registrations to unlimited internet, calls and SMS.

        Globe charges postpaid subscribers either by volume (0.15 per kilobyte) or by time (5 pesos per 15 minutes).

        From the looks of it, if you are always connected to the internet (which is ideal for the iphone), I suggest you add 999 more. Having a smartphone without an unlimited connection to the internet in terms of time is useless.

  6. Please enlighten me…Ive been a Globe prepaid subscriber for ages and just recently, I decided to go postpaid. Since i’m new at this, My Super Plan sounded the easiest way to go. I got the “consumable” Plan 999 w/ a BB 8520. I didn’t opt for any add-ons and got w/ 3 freebies. Sorry to be such a noob, but does it mean that if I sign up for BB Social it is charged on top of the 999 im supposed to pay or deducted off of? Im locked in for 2 years and now im thinking i should have sticked to prepaid.

      • what’s inside plan 999? how many free texts and free calls are there? like in plan 500, you have 500 free texts and free 20mins worth of calls….

      • Are you talking about the My Super Plan 999? Just imagine you have a prepaid account and you load 999 monthly but the problem is, when you consume the entire 999, you can still call, text and surf and these will be billed on top of the 999 fee.

    • you like the BB not the plan,,, globe plans sometimes mislead the reader,,, not well presented,,, look at smart flexibundles or sun plan,,, simple no hassle reading you see all what you want ,,, globe presentation is not tabular (many cried why am i billed much,,,, you should read carefully (my IQ is a little below average,,, they should present it that way,,, not to the above average)

    • never tried it before if you are still have an active contract with them.

      from what I know, if you don’t have an active contract with them, after 2 months of not paying, you will be barred from making outgoing calls and texts. If still you don’t pay, ipe-permanent disconnect ka nila from their network.

      still…if you really need postpaid, you need to pay of course~

      • i have a friend hindi nag bayad for 2 months now the bill so big, hindi man nya gingamit yung sim..instead nag insert sya ng other sim sa phone..then he received letter from globe..bill more than 14k…

      • What if nag apply ka ng plan online. Tapos di ka pa nakakabayad ng bill mo for 2 months. What will possible happen ? Kaka aapply nya lang mga 4 months pa lang sa kanya ung handset. Tapos di nya pa nababayaran ung 2 months bill nya.? May tendency ba idemanda sya or kunin ung handset sa kanya ?

      • You should be responsible in paying your bills.
        The primary reason why I applied for a postpaid is to avoid the inconvenience in searching for the nearest prepaid credit recharging/reloading store, especially in terms of emergency.
        I have a five word message for you: PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME.

  7. War will happen aside from blocklisted If u have a postpaid and handset and then get terminated but u won’t pay the termination fee? Makukulong kb? Gate ko n kc paterminate tung line ko

    • If you are still under contract and you lost network signal, expect that you will receive letters from law firms. Just pay the bill if you have money or have someone use your postpaid account and let them pay. If you think you can pay the handset price, pay it. Check out the papers you have signed because some Globe CSRs don’t know what they are talking about.

  8. How am I supposed to know what my postpaid number is when nobody told me what it is? I just chatted with a CSR that didn’t even know what “where/how can I find my new line’s number?” meant

  9. If you’re always connected to WIFI, is there also any charges on your bill? Im in Plan 299 only. I want to know what are the hidden charges that Globe putting besides on their consumable plan. Im so new with this plan since Ive been a prepaid subscriber for ages.

  10. in globe’s confusing website, my super plan is divided into two, an all-consumable and all-unli plan. are these two interchangeable as I’m currently subscribed to the all-consumable crap.

  11. hi, your post is very informative. i have one question. i just got my free phone(plan 499) two days ago and i was very satisfied because of fast processing. im still not so sure about one thing, my plan is 499, does that mean 499 is the amount of load that i have to consume in a month? or not? i checked my unbilled fees and i got a message that says P5.93, what does that mean? does that mean i have to pay 499+5.93? or still 499? im really confused, please respond, i really need an answer, thank you;)

    • I would like to ask.. How fast is fast? When I got my cellphone plan, it took them 3 days to activate my subscription. Here in Korea, it took me just one hour.. hehe
      Unbilled charges.. Yun nga eh, confusing. Unbilled charges…depends on what you do.

      GRAMMAR CORRECTED (apologies) If you use your phone for calls, texts and internet (using the 5 peso for 15 minutes or 0.15 per kilobytes), then you are consuming your 499 consumable plan. Hmm.

      Here’s the computation, depending on what you do:
      All transactions except regular international call and texts: Amount x 1.12 (with the value added tax)
      Regular international calls and texts: Amount x 1.10 (10% overseas communications tax)

      Ayun. Sana matulungan ka :) Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit hindi na lang ipakita ng Globe kung ilan na ang natitira sa 499 mo at ilan yung nakapatong sa 499…WEIRD

  12. i applied at robinsons galleria in ortigas. i submitted my requirements on tuesday then the next day, i got a call and they said that my application has been approved and i can claim my phone now. after i claimed it, they told me that activation of sim will take 24-48 hours. mine took only 24hours. maybe it really depends on the branch

  13. I applied online for the “My SuperSurf Plan” of Globe. iPhone4 16g+Plan 1799+3 freebies(My Super One and 2 200 msgs to Globe/Tm)
    I have an unlimited surf for one month, P800 consumable credits and unlimited text and call to one number. I’m a bit worried because i have read some of your posts, that there are charges on top of my plan which is 1799?. I got that plan because that is what i can afford to pay monthly, I don’t use much of calls, just texts and mobile surfing. Would that mean i will still be charged when surfing even if i applied for unlimited surf?.
    My iPhone will be delivered tomorrow and i am now starting to worry because i have some other bills to settle. I’m just addicted on mobile surfing but not on text and call, i only have few numbers on my phonebook.
    I will ask these questions to the one who will deliver my phone tomorrow. Goodluck to me.

    • You said you applied for a MySuperSurf plan…so you don’t need to worry about internet surfing issues. It’s already included in the postpaid plan.

      If you registered to other promotions, that’s the time you need to worry.

  14. I have just received my iPhone 4 postpaid (P3,799) availing the SUPERSURF (F) and an add on MY SUPERDOU for a total of P4,398 a month. I’m just wondering how much would my consumable be. I’m worried coz/ I’m a heavy caller and texter.
    Thank you…

  15. I read your comment saying that the “all-consumable” is not really consumable. My question then is, what exactly is included in the consumable amount? Are text messages to numbers like 2332 etc. (with a P2.50 rate or more) included in my plan or will it be billed on top of it? I’m subscribed to Plan 299 with freebie A and I just want to make sure that I wouldn’t be charged over the supposed monthly bill. Thanks!

  16. I got my 2 postpaid lines and units delivered to me last june 24, 2011 and until now 1 of the lines is still not active. I’ve been calling the hotline more than 2x per day, online chat and even went a globe store to have my secondary line activated. unfortunately they cant do anything because i applied for the lines ONLINE. Has been in contact with the person who called me to process my online application but still line is still inactive. All they can do is forward a follow up to the support team and wait for their response. it’s already past 72 hours and still the cases are still open. I have 4 reference numbers regarding that single activation of that one line, even talked to 3 supervisors to whom i actually expected more but guess what, nadah, no resolution, very disappointed customer. can anyone advise me on what to do rather than wait for 48 years for my line to be activated. Again, i applied online and nobody can help me because i applied online.


      • yes…that’s the bad thing about Globe. It takes them days (or in your case, almost a week) just to activate your postpaid line. That’s why Smart is better when it comes to postpaid activation. Your line is already activated once you receive your SIM card. The people in the business centers just enter the SIM card serial number into their system and VOILA! it’s activated. I don’t know what Globe does so it takes them forever to activate their postpaid lines.

  17. exactly a week after i got my unit and my postpaid line from globe i recieved a text from 290 and i’ll quote

    “Globe Advisory: Your June 23 Globe bill for account no. ######## amounting to P10+++.++ is now available online. bla bla bla…..”

    thats is really ridiculous and it doesnt make sense. first of all. i got my unit and the line on 22nd of June. It was activated 2hrs before the 23rd. It was exactly a week when i got this crap message from globe. Why are they charging me 10K plus for a past month bill?

    so i called their crap hotline.

    the agent told me that, that amount was the cost of the unit plus the advance payment for my postpaid line.

    still doesn’t make sense. cause if he is telling the truth then why they charged me 9899+1799 on my credit card. and it already reflected on my credit card statement.

    and i’ve been receiving text messages and calls from people i don’t know. my friend was assuming that my number is a recycled number. i’ve actualy thought of that too. so just this morning, i recieved another call looking for his friend. so i thought of asking him if this number i’m using is his friends number before. and he replied that my number was unfortunately his friends number since 2002.

    why does globe recycle numbers?

    it’s really annoying and the services i’m getting so far is not making me happy!

    • try going to the nearest CSR :) From what I know, Globe is having some trouble allocating numbers for prepaid and postpaid. Eh in reality, they can assign any number to a postpaid number eh. Stupid Globe!

      Maybe Globe is running out of postpaid numbers.

  18. …I just received my phone today, then when I open it. I could not use it appeared to the screen network unavailable..I thought that if I open my phone it will automatically activate my Globe super plan..How long it will take to activate my phone/sim? Do I need to call globe customer hotline to activate it?

  19. how should I activate it? or will it activate itself?or shall I wait for 24 to 48 hours without doing anything?

  20. hi, thanks a lot for ur very useful info, advice pls.,im new in plan 499, then when i checked my unbilled fees, nka state dun unbilled charge is 3.98 php-beakdown-IDD–3.11php, WAP–0.87 php. is it really 3.98 php baka its multiplied to something then maging 398 hehe sorry ha..confuse talaga ako sa plan na to..thanks!

  21. Thanks for this. What I don’t like is that their monthly bill is SO LATE. I never experienced such delays with my credit card bill, not even once. Its August now and my bill for the month July hasn’t arrived yet, (every 26th of the month is my due date). What kind of service is that? Argh.
    Although I pay without the billing statement, I still want that hard copy for future reference.

    • Actually, I also notice that. Their bills arrive so late, especially when you live outside Metro Manila. I had an address in Metro Manila and had it changed to my permanent address outside MM. Believe me, it was so freaking slow!

  22. i had advantage/def plan with globe since 2001 and my bill was 800 a month which is reasonable. right now i subscribed the my superone that would only cost 175/month but i don’t get it why is bill whooping to 1,800…im so stressed out being fooled with these promos!!

  23. hi i ur posts are really informative.. got my 299 plan jz today, i read here il just wait 2days for it to be activated..will it be automatically activated, w/o doing anything? or if i choose to create my own number, what am i going to do? thanks

  24. a very useful blog you have here vinz, have one question though, three hours after i post this reply im going to apply for plan 3799- Iphone4 -F:super surf, after I saw this blog and you posted something about the complications with the all-consumable thing, are you saying if I call non-globe subscribers I’ll have to pay it on top of the 3799 all consumable? Im planning to get the plan 1799 + unli call and txt + supersurf 999, it will cost me 3397 a month but I’ll have to pay 10k for my iphone4 on the first pay, which do you prefer? are u also saying that even if i request for the credit limit they wont cut my line when it reaches 3397? i know its too late for me to ask this questions, anyway thanks vinz

    • No…it means you will consume the consummable amount 1799 if you call and text non Globe subs. Your line will not be disconnected even if your unbilled or running usage reaches the credit limit.

  25. hi! plan holders can you enlighten me about Globe Plan 299 coz im kinda confused on their ad and i wonder if you can explain to me clearly the packages includes there…thanks

  26. Hi… Ok na ang smart gold ngayon kasi may smart all in plan na sila… pag nagregister ka ng unli nila di na siya top of the MSF.. deducted na sa comsumable plan mo…. sana magkaroon din ng globe ng ganoon… im 8 years na in globe since 2003.. parang ginagaya na ang smart ang globe. Kasi pag Globe my super plan.. Pag Smart naman tawag May Perfect plan.. Parang nagdalawang isip tuloy ako na lumipat sa smart kasi karamihan naman contacts ko ay smart… kaso 8 years na itong number ko.

    • the problem with smart is that….yung all in plan nila, yung unlimited calls and texts, separate. 500 pesos for calls, 350 pesos for texts, but when compared with Globe, it’s cheaper..only 599 for both calls and texts.

  27. Hello, Ive been on globe postpaid consumable for a year and a month now. If Im going to pre-terminate my plan, how much am i going to pay? Is it possible to ask Globe to just change my plan to My Super Plan for example? Another is, is it possible to transfer ownership of the plan? the plan i had been using i snot under my name since I do not have the requirements yet when i applied for it, its under my mom’s name though. Can i ask Globe to transfer it under my name and change the plan?Thanks

  28. Hi! Just wanted to say this came up when I googled “globe postpaid now delivered activate plan” because–you said it–they did deliver the handset, an Acknowledgment Receipt, and nothing else. At least your post confeerms that I’m not insane because I half-expected to also receive some kind of explanation as to wth I’m supposed to do, or not do, next.

    Anyhow, my point: Thanks for a really brilliant, and brilliantly written, post. So refreshing to witness a brain, and not so much an ego, manifesting itself in a Pinoy blog! :)

  29. i have a plan 499 from globe with the lock up period ending on feb 2012.
    I want to upgrade my plan to the supersurf plan 999, and avail of the blackberry 8520.
    will i get the handset still for free or do i need to pay for anything else?

    thank you!

  30. Sir, i apply online for plan 499 with a free phone….how many days will i get the phone and the service after i apply….??? and is it possible that i will only pay 499 every month Thanks! :D

  31. Hi. Thanks for the great info’s. Mmm. Just wanna make sure if I got it all right, though. ;p
    I really wanna have my own BB. So I got so excited when I saw they’re ad like— BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G is now FREE at My Super Plan Unli Surf Combo 999. and it comes with 400 consumable. I get to choose 1 of their freebies too then it’s under a 30-month lock-up period.
    (is ti a good deal?)

    Then, all I have to pay a month is just 999, right? No probs with data(eclavu) since it’s unli surf? Then the 400 consumable is like a regular load that I could use to any network? Except their UNLI’s.

    Then I won’t have to pay additionals as long as I won’t exceed my consumables, right?
    =) Oh I just hope you’ll answer me nicely. ^^V This will be my first time to have a postpaid, so I hope you’ll be kind enough. =)

    • I applied only for the BB 9300 plan 999 last week Friday. The CSR told me to wait 24-48 hours for a Globe agent to contact me. But until now (Wednesday), I haven’t received any call from them. I’ve been making follow up calls since Monday and the CSR could tell me nothing but “Please bear with me.” Does it really take that long for Globe to get back to a customer?

      • yes. from what I heard, they outsourced their customer service desk to another company…that’s why they seem to do not know what they are talking about sometimes.

  32. im now kinda not on the mood ..

    i was called i think 2-3 days from now..
    and they said today is the delivery of my postpaid..
    but eventually im waiting for almost 10hrs here in my office..
    but no globe courier came ..

    grr !!!

  33. hi i’ve post here before about my plan, i dont have any problem since i got the phone on the day they said it will be delivered, got activated it less than 24hrs. i guess.. Now the thing is my bill is so much higher than what i have expected, i am closely monitoring my calls to make sure i wont surpassed the consumable and the question is whats a MONTHLY REOCCURING FEE? coz it adds up 355, its more than the plan amount, now im so discouraged that i dd not pay my first month, plus that i have to call customer service first before receiving my bill, wn they sent me text that my bill has been mailed. Until now havent paid it and havent receive any calls from globe either, but the line is still activated.. How much would i need to pay to stop my plan? thanks ahead for the reply..:)

  34. You can apply for My Super Plan without the Consumable, just All-Unlimited, right? So, if I choose All-Unli plan with My Super UNLI 599 (call and text), I would just be paying 599php a month. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Let’s say, I decided to choose the All-Unli plan with My Super UNLI 599 and get an iPhone 4 16gb, it says 29,199php plus 599php on first cash-out. Would there be a monthly installment for the payment of the mobile device using your credit card?

    Last question.. What if I applied online and decided not to continue with the application, do you have an idea what would happen next?

    I know you’re not a Globe CSR and I know I can 211 for customer service, but if you have some insights about my concerns, that would be great! Thanks!

    • point 1: yup, you are right. you will just be paying 599 a month assuming you won’t be texting/calling people from other networks, using the internet features of your phone nor be sharing a load to others.

      point 2: installment? how I wish it’s the same here in Korea. Here in Korea, if you’re under contract for two years, you also need to pay your phone in 24 months (price of phone divided by 24) and the installment is added to the MSF in your cellphone bill. But in the Philippines, you need to contact the cellphone company. You need to ask Globe if they are offering an installment CHARGED to your credit card. thus, you need to pay your credit card company for your installment for the cellphone (assuming globe offers an installment plan) and you need to pay the telecom for your usage.

      point 3: you applied online and you decided to cancel it? I haven’t tried it yet. I don’t know if they have a dedicated customer service hotline for online purchases. Did they call you already about your order? if they haven’t MAYBE they will. I really haven’t tried it yet. Try calling 211 (no matter how their customer service sucks). Anyway, if your order arrives, do not open it. Return it to the nearest Globe center. I am not so sure but once the line has been activated (or your cellphone has finally shown “GLOBE” on the screen) there’s no point of going back.

    • I don’t know. From what I know, if you are on a contract, you can only upgrade to a higher plan except those unlimited plans.From what I know only regular call, messages and internet rates are included in the consummable amount. Any of the unlimited services cannot be considered as “regular” rates. Those are all on top of your monthly fee.

  35. Good day ask ko lang po if hindi bako maka bayad ng postpaid plan ko sa globe, ehh kinukuha ba nila yung cellphone? iphone 4 kasi ung sakin for plan 1799..

    • Why would they get your phone? Hehehe. It’s already used. If you don’t pay and you suddenly reached your credit limit, you will not be able to use your phone. You can only receive calls and SMS.

      • pumatak po kasi yung bill ko ng 5249.50 dahil sa super one number na mali ang input nila. balak ko hindi na bayaran. ibloblock ba nila yung phone ko? kasi balak ko salpakan nalang ng ibang sim hehe


  37. Hi, jz want to ask if I applied for All Unli Plan and choose that MySuperText for 349 add-on, would I still be able to use Wifi for free? Or would there be some kind of charges? Thanks!

  38. Good day!

    I just want to ask what shall I do, I lost my phone the other day. It was snatched when I was in a hurry riding a jeepney. My plan is 499 with Samsung Corby as the unit. What are the requirements needed in informing Globe Telecom? Is there a police blotter needed or just notice of lost notarized by an attorney? Tried to research in their site but can’t find any answer to my questions. Thank you! Have a great day.

    • The last time I lost my phone, I just went to Globe and told them that I lost my phone. The only thing that they will give you is a new postpaid SIM. For the phone, you need to buy your own. If you have a phone insurance, call the insurance company so that they can give you a phone. Your contract is still in effect.

  39. Thank you for the response. What if, I want to terminate my line, is there a need for me to still pay for the remaining months of my contract?

  40. yo vinz. question lang. i’ve decided to take the plan 999 + iphone4. base dun sa mga early post pwede siyang all consumable then i will opt to take the unlimited surfing w/c is 999 as well. so ang mangyayari is magbabayad ako ng 999 + iphone4 price on the 1st payment according sa site nila. ang service ko bale nun is yung iphone4 with unlimited surfing. ang babayaran ko sa kanila for the 2nd month up to the 24th month is 999 monthly lang. tama ba? hehe please enlighten me

    • there are now two globe plans. one is for “MyUnlimited Surfing Plan” and yung normal na personal na “MySuperPlan”

      In reality, yung 999 na unlimited internet only includes the internet access.

  41. I’m planning to take the unlitxt 299/ month.. Sigurado bang 299 lang babayaran ko?? or may patong just in case i will call to a friend or for emergency?? sa tingin ko mas reasonable parin ung prepaid na 350/month unlimited txts?? Madalang lang naman ako tumawag minsan di pa nga.. Ano po recommend nyo? Prepaid or postpaid?

    • of course you will have to pay more if you don’t just text people in the same network. Your 299 only covers the unlimited texting. Beyond that, it’s on top of the bill. So if you make 20 minutes of calls to Globe (PHP 130), then you will pay 299 + 130 pesos.

  42. I applied for a BB plan just earlier today and i think it’s a pretty sweet deal. BB 9300 @ my super plan 999. I get 3 freebies and i could register for MYBB MAX to 8888 unlimited everything which will be deducted from my consumables (according to the CSR–hope it’s true tho). Your post got me worried tho… you say unli promos from 8888 are charged on top of my bill..

  43. Hi, ask lang .. kasi nag pa disconnect kami supersticks for a reason na un up to 2mb nila eh di man lang umaabot sa 50kbps samin & bec bastos at pangit costumer service dito sa ctr samin & dahil sa foreigner husband ko kaya sa inis nya ayaw nya bayaran in full un disconnection charged instead nagbayad sya ng 500 at sabi nya is babayaran nya ng P500 monthly, question ko lang po si hindi kaya bigla na lang magkaron ng interes un kasi babayran namin installment instead na in full?

  44. Hello there, Vinz :)

    First of all, thank you for the informative post here. However, I would just like to ask a few questions. I very well know that you are not affiliated with Globe. Sinabi mo na rin na mahirap makakuha ng definite answer from the Globe people (211) that’s why dito ko na muna tatanungin.

    Kasi, I’m planning to apply online. Yung My Super Plan 1799 + FREE iPhone 3GS. My question is this:

    1. When you say 1799, ano ang mga included doon? Call and text to the same network and other networks?

    2. Kasama ba sa 1799 ang mobile internet? Kasi sa Plan 1799, I can choose 5 Freebies, and I’ll be choosing (4) FREE Mobile Surfing. Now, kasama ba doon ang mobile apps (ex. twitter for iphone etc etc)?

    There. I just wanna know lang talaga. Nakakatakot kasi baka may hidden charges or something. :)


    • 1. consumable amount includes all regular rated services by Globe (calls, texts, internet), including mobile internet, as in regular rates…hindi yung promos.
      2. yung mobile apps? depends. it is under internet services eh. you will be paying for internet access (refer to Globe’s regular rates for internet. see TIME browsing or KB browsing)
      3. kung kukuha ka nung unlimited services, those are the things on top of the MSF

      • Hello Vinz. :)

        Sorry for the late reply. Anyway, thanks for answering my queries.
        One last tho, yung lock in period. I’ve read sa ibang websites may 12 months and 24 months (ito nabasa ko sa globe website talaga). Depende ba yun sa Plan na kinuha?

      • depende sa business center, from what I think. Last time they did offer one year contracts. But usually, the discounted ones, most of the time, are on a two-year contract.

  45. ask ko lang po kung pwede mag-avail ng globe plan ang isang studyante?? pwede po ba kahit walang income pakita? or pwede po ba yung resibo na binayad na mga worth 10k plus pwde nba po ba yun? salamat!:)

  46. hi!!!
    plan 499 po ako sa globe,how about if hindi ko na consumed ung 499 sa isang buwan…still babayaran ko pa rin ba ng 499 a month?

  47. hi po good thing I found ur blog ..ask ko lang po if possible b na maaprove ung application ko for globe tipid plan ng globe khit na probee plang ako sa isang company ?? Im planning to apply for LOAD TIPID PLAN to GLOBE — PLAN 300 cellphone unit GALAXY Y .. Im going to Pay 2354.00 cash out for the unit for it is not free for plan300, plus advance monthly fee of 300 equals 2654.00 for the first payment ONLY the rest 300 Monthly ganun po ba yun ??? sabi nila sa LOAD TIPID PLAN ung 300 daw na plan ko bali load un na 300 isesend monthly pwd iregister sa mga promos like prepaid promos and after dat pagnaubos ko daw within the month and i need load pwede ng mgpaload tru autoload …kya 300 lang po pinili ko kasi im so worried there would be additional charges at my monthly bill ?? do you think ok po b ung LOAD TIPID PLAN ??? true b ung credit limit na 300 and nothing will be added ?? sbi neu po kc sa blog nyu CREDIT LIMIT is not true … New lang po kc i wish u can help me …kc pag sa globe ko itatanung i just be getting bias answers thanks much :)) ito po ung link ng globe tipid plans :)) :) pls help me decide thanks much :))

  48. Pag po ba ngpostpaid plan k with cellphone syempre alam ng globe ung number mu at ung unit ng cellphone mu kasi syempre galing sa knila at panu pag smartphone pa,my question is ang globe ba nagsesend ng mga unessesary promos like sending mp3 deducted to your load, apps deducted to your load khit na ndi k nman ngsusubscribe sa mga ganong promo ..??Pwde nman cgurong ilipat ung postpaid sim sa ibang unit as long as you continue the subscription for two years ??

  49. pag nag apply ng plans sa online site nila ilang days, mo. ang process?? malalaman ba agad if approve ka or sasabihin din ba nila na hindi ka approve?

      • Nag apply ako online. Mga 2-3 days..tatawag sila sayo. Kung first time mo to apply postpaid plan..two weeks ang process para sa pagveverify nila ng mga documents na binigay mo.

        In my case, 2 weeks ang processing sched.

        And then..tatawag sila ulit sayo, kung saan at kailan mo gustong ipadeliver :)

  50. hI! tanong lang po ako, may plano po kasi akong mag-avail ng 299 plan + My SuperOne =474.00/month.
    Handset/Device cost: P29,199.00
    First time payment: P29,673.00
    Ano po bang ibig sabihin nito?..magbabayad po ako ng 29,673+474.00 or 474.00 LANG talaga babayaran ko?naguguluhan talaga ako, at ilang months po bha magababayad? di ba pag mag-avail ka ng plan parang binayaran mo na rin young phone at young na avail mo na services?plss..patulong po..

  51. natakot naman ako dito…now im torn…im planning on haveing plan 299 + my super one + freebie A…then 1500 for the samsung galaxy young…i find it cheaper kasi i kinda want that phone, which is 6k, and nakaka 100/week din ako sa paguunli…however may mga narinig ako na magulo daw po ang paying system ng globe at mga charges daw that the user is not aware of but kasama na sa bill so lumlagpas lng yung bill…ive been a globe prepaid user ever since…so should i stick to being a prepaid user, just buy the phone and consume 400/month of load…or should i avail the plan??? please help :)

    • Just stick to prepaid. Yung MySuperPlans na yan hindi naman yun consumable for unlimited services. It’s a big deception. Consumable lang yun for regular calls, texts, internet rates. Yung special rates on top of the consumable amount.

  52. Ask ko lang, kapag nag-apply na ako sa globe service center, mare-release din kaya right away yung unit? kumbaga 1day process ba? or kailangan ko pa mag hintay ng 2 to 3 working days bago ko makuha and ma-activate yung phone? ireally need the answer. please help. thanks.

  53. I have a Globe Postpaid line via mySuperPlan (the one with unlimited texting to TM/Globe and free 100 SMS to other networks for one month). The thing is I want to register my line with MYSUPERSURF… I get the message that my account is still registered to some other surfing promo and when I do try to connect the SIM to the internet, it won’t connect. I’ve been Googling for the past 6 hours straight just to solve the problem. I changed my APN to, etc… Still won’t connect. The SIM is used with an HTC Sensation XE (an Android phone). Since I thought it might be my phone, I switched the SIM to my Nokia E72. I even downloaded my phone’s settings by texting GO NE72 to 2951, saved the settings I received, and still nothing.

    During that time, I also placed my Globe Tattoo Prepaid SIM, registered it to SUPERSURF50, changed the APN to and it connect flawlessly. Tried to use the same settings for the postpaid line… Of course, I knew it won’t work because is for Prepaid SIMs but I still tried… to no avail.

    This sucks. :(

    WTF is going on?

  54. HI…Im planning to get 499 plan sana from Globe because of the iphone 4, which is as, mentioned above, the cheapest way to purchase an iphone.. ..but based on what I have read from this blog and what i have heard from other postpaid people, they have hidden charges nga po…So if I would ask you po? is it a wise decision po b to apply for a postpaid plan to avail the phone or stick with prepaid and just pay for the whole price of Iphone 4 which is I think 37K plus… Thank you so much….

    • They have UnliSurf na. I’ll switch to UnliSurf next year as I’m using an iPhone as well. Para ma-maximize yung pag gamit ng iPhones natin. Yun nga lang, mag de-decrease naman yung consumable mo. Like for example: Plan 1799 of Unli Surf, instead of all consumable, you’ll only get 800 consumable but you have unlimited surfing naman. :) I suggest you do too if mag popostpaid ka sa Globe.

      Ask for assistance din para mas clear. :) Merry Christmas!

    • Kung magkano yung plan na inapply mo. Yun lang ang babayaran mo.
      You will pay it pag idedeliver or kukuhain mo na yung phone

  55. my phone’s been here for 5 days now and it has not been activated yet… just because I have other lines to use doesn’t mean they can let me wait this long…

  56. hi what about the early termination? Is is possible that you can pay only for your phone not the billed charges? Globe really charged me a lot for a one wk stay abroad. I didn’t use the internet and they charged me 30k.

  57. I have a globe postpaid plan 499. I inserted my globe postpaid sim in another mobile unit (Nokia 2730). My prepaid phone unit was used by my husband using another sim (prepaid). Unfortunately, he lost my Nokia 2730 unit. What am I supposed to do? I lost the phone unit but I still have the sim. I am worried the most because whoever got the phone might be using the internet and the charges will surely be upon me.

    • you still need to finish the contract of two years (if you availed a discounted phone with them). you should buy a new phone, then insert your globe postpaid sim :D you can also report to Globe and NTC to blacklist your phone. you can also ask globe what is the cellphone number currently using your cellphone (I think that’s possible)

  58. Kung nasa sayo yung sim..walang problema. Stop worrying. Kahit nanakaw yung phone..kundi naman yung postpaid sim mo ang nakalagay, walang charges na maiaapply sa account mo.

    Smile :)

  59. Hi! You have an informative blog. I’d also like to ask. Would you know globes policy regarding their plan pre-termination? I just couldn’t find it in globes website. I’m into plan 299 for almost a year and I am now planning to pre-terminate the service. Would you know specific charges or fees they might impose on this? Much thanks :)

    • from what I can remember on the contract that I have signed, if you are done with the first year, you need to pay half of the phone. also, you need to pay a pretermination fee of around 500 (I am not sure how much, but it’s less than 1000)

  60. a new offer from globe. BB Curve for plan 499 consumable+90 or bbm = 598 pesos. applied online. pero 3 days na still no feedback frm globe. ok lng ba ung plan? bawal ba ipasa load dun sa consumable? how long p kya hhntyn ko pra sa unit? tutuloy ko pa ba to?:)

  61. Hi. I just received my iPhone 4s yesterday. Until now, my account is still inactive though my sim is already inserted in my phone. Do I still get the chance to choose the last digits of my number? How? Please help. This is my first time to get a postpaid in globe. Please please..

    • Am I already late for a response? Anyway, make sure to restart your phone once in a while within 24hours after claiming your unit. Sim may have already been activated you only need to refresh your phone. The last digits is a privilege for the subscriber. But once the sim was activated, you can no longer choose your own number. However, I think if you call customer service, they have services which may allow you to change your phone number. I am not that sure though.

      Hope this helps! =)

    • but if you are after the convenience, it’s better to be on postpaid :D I don’t like looking for autoload shops. plus, you can get phone discounts if you decide to renew your contract with globe :D

      • what do you mean by i can get phone discounts when i decide to renew? :) when my contract ends and i decide to renew it but im upgrading to the supersurf combo & would want to get the iphone 4s….what’s gonna happen? i’ll get the phone for free perhaps? :D

  62. Thank you for all you information. I hope you can help me with my question here. I have recently applied for a 1799 unli surf plan for globe. I have 800 pesos consumable load. Being used to prepaid, there are tendencies I use 232 to call my friends. My question would, would there be an additional cost for me if I use 232 given that I’m already using postpaid? Thank you in advance for your help. :)

  63. Too bad I’m reading this just now…Globe sucks. I applied a postpaid line online and got my phone after two weeks. Its still not active after a week. I have tried to call their stupid customer service, the first guy i talked to refused to help me and told told me that the only way to get support is to send “status” to 1234…and the freaking 1234 service never worked, it would keep on telling you that the reps are all busy so try again later. I was only able to chat with a person (or so I thought) at 2am. I was given a maximum 24 hours and the line should be active. did it work? no. I even contacted the person who processed my order and she called my right away, said that it should be active the same day by 5pm. did it work? no. I’m pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the unit as it works perfectly on my prepaid sim. until now the phone says the sim is not provisioned….grrr…i’m not sure how long I still have to wait. or will it ever be activated?

  64. how many days does it take for Globe to do a CI about my online order of Globe 499 with free phone? Can i cancel it once they called? btw i ordered it a week ago

  65. i applied for a Globe Plan coz i wanna have a BB phone. i applied for Plan499+BBM99. after reading this blog,it made think if ill continue my application or not. tomorrow globe will call me to let me know if im approved or not.

  66. pwede rin po ba yung HIT AND RUN? i mean kukuha ng iphone 4s sa globe or smart then after 3 or 4 months e sasabihin mong nawala yung cp mo? =) panu po ba pag ganun?? salamat

  67. kumuha ako ng plan 499 pero hinde ko na inavail ung +99 bbm kasi balak ko na magregister na lang sa bb social knowing na consumable naman yung 499 ko.. ang sabi naman kasi saken sa globe, ibabawas na lang daw yun sa 499 ko so sila pa nga mismo ang nagregister. bale, ang matitira na lang sa plan ko ay 199. (sana naman totoo..) medyo kinabahan kasi ako sa post mo kasi kung mangyayari un, 700+ ang magiging bill ko monthly. 2 lines pa naman ang kinuha ko -.-

  68. Total unbilled Charge 03/26 is PHP81.21. Breakdown follows Voice: Local= PHP46.50, other network= 13.39, 9 SMS Local= PHP8.04, internet =PHP 13.38.. ito po yung nkalagay pag naguunbilled fees ako hindi ko po kasi sya magets and pag nag plan balance ako 00 naman po ang sinesend? ano po kaya ibg sabhin nito? lagpas na po ba ako sa 400 pesos kong consumables? My plan kse is yung BB499 +99 sa BBM then 100pesos for one number unli call/text.. pahelp po di ko kasi talaga magets hehe salamat

  69. PLAN 2499 iphones 16gb.. If you planning to apply postpaid to globe you should not expect to much expectation because you will end up very dissapointed . They will tell you that it only takes 3 to 5 days to approve your application…dont believe to them i think one employee per branch do the approval processing..hehe. its been 9 days passed since I applied to them i always follow up to them thru that none sence texting support (1234) that always reply you that ” ALL our agent are busy at the moment please try again later”. In smart and sun you can get your phone that day when you apply and it also activate after 1 hour.


    • In my case, im at my 5th day of waiting.. sana soon makatanggap na ako ng tawag from them.. it’s very disappointing.. so how long have you waited?

  70. Naka plan kasi ako sa 499. I just want to ask kung pwede magtext to ALL NETWORKS ito? dun po ba ito mababawas sa 499 o ndi?

  71. Ung plan 1799 po ba pwede ko pa bang palitan ng phone un?pag naibigay na sa akin. kasi parang mas maganda ung Sony Ericson Xperia play kesa sa Nokila Lumia 800 eh para lang sa gaming. thanks sa reply. :)

  72. Hello there sir vinz ty po sa blog nyo very informative sana nabasa ko 2 before mag avail ng phospaid plan ask ko lang po sana ung total unbilled charges po ba eh kasali na dun sa plan halimbawa plan 999 kasali na po ba xa dun sa 999 every month or on top of the bill?and i tried po ung 236 call it never stops unless u press the end button ano po mangyayari sa bill ko sir is it 20 pesos or per minute po ung charge kasi lumagpas po sa 20minutes?thanks sir hope u can help me

  73. Can the cashout be paid through installment (dividing it throughout the 24 months)? What do you mean by “Share-a-load transaction fees are also included, except the share-a-load amount.”? Does it mean that if you share regular load, it’s going to be on top of your bill while sending an “Unli promo” load will be deducted from your consumable load?

    Thank you so much for this review. I’m looking into UnliSurf Plan 999 or 1799. I hope you can reply.

  74. hmm how many days ba bago ma activate un sim ng plan ..
    i just got my plan yesterday until now un sim nia ndi pdn activated
    at invalid padn s cp ko .. does the sim have a problem o mtgal lan tlga ma actvate un plan ?

  75. i had jas reciv my phonekit yesterday..and from what i’ve read, gusto ko na cxa ibalik then mg stick with my sun line…gusto ko lng tlg mgka bb..bad move :(

  76. Is it possible to upgrade a Globe MySuper Plan? I am currently under Plan 499 (or 599? not sure…), 6 months into the contract (contract spans 24 months), and received a phone with that plan.

    I am thinking of upgrading into Plan 999 because my bill always goes up for more than 1,000 Php. This is because I always register to SuperSurf whenever I go out.

    If it is, what are the requirements and the steps in doing so?

  77. i’ve plan for iphone 4s and decided to take my supersurf plan 1799 last april.. i was confuse about the paying of bills.. last month i tried to use add ons 599 w/c is unlimited calls and txt for 30days.. and then i was shock that it took 2998.40 na ung babayaran ko.. im just college student so i was worrying how will i suppose to tell my parents about that kasi dati i was just paying less than 2k.. is it really possible na mag-excess parin babayaran ko if nag-add ons na ko ng unli call and tx? i was wondering how it took 3k. anu pa ba ung iba na pwede ako macharge to think na unli surf din ung plan ko.. 😞.. help pls.. 🙏🙏

  78. i’ve just read all your posts here and it’s really informative, however, parang nakakatakot na nga mag-postpaid knowing na me mga hidden charges. kung halimbawang bihira ka lang naman mag-text, tumawag or mag-internet, do you think lalaki pa rin yung bill? or di naman siguro. mahirap na kasi, baka pagsisihan ko lang na nagpostpaid pa ako. :((

  79. hi im a student and also im on a tight bugdet . i’d like to have a plan for globe i guess hanggang 299 po ako. and i want to chose iphone as device .pwde po b yun?

  80. hi i applied at a globe business center last week bt still haven’t had any feed backs re: my application does that mean im not approved na??

  81. 1 week na akong naghihintay ng approval at confirmation from globe..Pero walang tawag..Intense kasi, kung hindi mo pa puntahan, wala kang mapapala.. as of now wala pa ring unit sa kinuha ko plan.. grabe, gaanong katagal pa kaya ako maghihintay?

      • Utang na loob! Third week na ako naghihintay.. letse! Tapos parang wala pang nangyayare puro pa ako followup.. T_T Parang walang kwenta process nila ngayun.. pero pag singilan na hayop! ang bilis!

  82. Hi everybody. For those who are planning to get a postpaid plan from Globe or any other networks, just be very careful and make sure you understand the coverage of your plan. Their online agents sucks, they really don’t really know what they were saying.

    I’ve been a globe postpaid subscriber for 5 years now and decided to avail of the Blackberry 9320 Plan 999 promo with 2 free tickets for Nicki Minaj concert. There were so many kapalpakan happened. I inquired and applied online (chat) on June 26 (Tueday). I told the online agent that i’m interested in availing the promo and she recommended to avail my loyalty reward which I did, thinking there is no problem on that. I got my phone delivered in the office June 27 (Wednesday). As mentioned by vinzcontreras, Globe will not provide you of any manual, but only a piece of paper (the accordion type of paper with the size of long bond paper when spread out) containing steps on how to use the mobile such as insert the SIM card, media card and battery, how to set up the smartphone and exploring the menus of the smartphone which are very basic. There is no warning for the first-time user to be cautious in using or opening the apps that uses internet connection as this will incur internet charges not covered by your plan.

    My first problem cropped out. Failure in connecting to the internet using Globe lines but I can connect using Wifi. I went to Globe business center on June 29 (Friday) at around 7:30pm at the SM Muntinlupa and i was told that my plan was registered as Enterprise (or purchased by a company) and not as individual subscriber. The agent corrected the error and was able to connect to the internet using Globe. Thinking that my plan is unlimited surfing, except for BBM I tried all the features of my phone using google, tried the bbm, app world, you tube, reading online newspaper because i want to test the new phone, just like doing break-in for new car. On Sunday past midnight (July 1) I checked my Unbilled Fees, and to my horror it was written Blackberry= P3,025. The charges of calls, text messages etc. are not yet included in the amount that i mentioned. My internet connection was activated only Friday evening and on Sunday evening I already incurred P3,025. I talked to Globe and I was told that these are internet charges. I said, for two days, you are charging me P3,025??? I told the agent that I’m not going to pay this amount, never!!! I was also told that the online agent who assisted me in availing this promo gave me the wrong plan. That’s the reason why i was charged with my internet usage. All the agent can do, was to correct the plan that I want and I was told to wait for my first billing and I need to pay the full amount. I told them, no I’m not going to pay the internet charges. I’m planning to file a complain with DTI or maybe NTC if Globe insist me to pay the said amount. I think there are many people who were victimized by this scheme. They will not tell there subscriber to TURN OFF the Data Services Setting to avoid internet charges. Malaking kita kasi to sa Globe. Somebody I know, 2 days after he received the phone from Globe he got a P5,000 internet charges. Since it was purchased by his office, the office just paid it. For 2 days, na hold-up na ng Globe ang isang subscriber nila.

    Also, with regard to the 2 free tickets for Nicki Minaj concert on July 11, I was told by the agents of Globe that I will receive an SMS 24 to 48 hours upon the approval of my application (June 26). Sad to say, I got the SMS yesterday evening only (July 3). And I still have to wait for another 2 days to receive an email to get the Code that I need to present in redeeming the tickets at SM theaters ticket counter. And I was also told that there is a possibility na hindi magkatabi ang seats or baka yong isa pwede sa VIP seats or lower box kasi depende na lang sa available seats. Ano pa kung hindi naman pala kayo magkatabi ng kasama mong manood ng concert. OA naman mag-isa kang nakaupo doon tapos kasama mo nandoon sa malayo ang seat sa yo. Haaaizzzz!

    Lessons learned from my own experience, never trust the promos. Mag-ingat sa lahat ng promos!!! Im sure may mga hidden charges yan or else madaming hitches. Sa mga nagpaplanong mag postpaid with free phone, ingat, ingat at ingat talaga!!!

  83. update on my July 4 message… yesterday (July 4) Globe sent me an advisory of my running unbilled charges, Blackberry=5,152.72 from P3,025 last July 1 midnight. the shocking part of this is that my blackberry phone was turned off the whole day of Monday because i was not able to charge the battery…the only time i switched on the phone (connected to free Wifi without the sim card) was Tuesday night when i went to Globe Business Center in SM Munti to file a complain … after that, i switched off again my blackberry phone… i had been using my old phone since these problem cropped up… but im 100% sure that my old phone is not connected to Globe internet service because im very much familiar already of my old phone… and yesterday i got this advisory from Globe on my running balance… i dont know how it happened, my phone had been switched off since Monday and yet I still incur charges using the Blackberry apps… is there somebody out there who have same problem with mine?

    i already reported this (again) with Globe demanding them to fix the problem immediately but the agent advised me (again) to wait for my billing on August 14… i also demanded for the Blackberry’s user’s guide or manual in booklet type, wala daw… as usual nothing happened… the agent just gave me the reference number of my complain… nakaka-stress!!! :((

  84. ok, like most of you, I applied for the BB 499 Promo with the Minaj concert tickets. Was really planning to get a postpaid line to serve my needs. I applied through their website and transacted via email and text with a rep and after submitting all my requirements last 15 June, and was assured that someone from Globe will call or text me regarding the status of my application, i was more or less fine with waiting.Up until i tried following up and no one from the Globe Sales Online Support was responding to my emails. I tried inquiring via Talk2Globe channel and I got a response but it took them a week to inform me that they cant process my application due to verification findings and that reason cannot be divulged. The latter part for me is like their way of saying that they can no longer serve me, and provide what i need since i challenged them in the email i sent. I just wasted my time and effort with this, so frustrating. I have never experienced bad customer service like this one…

  85. hi razmataz… it’s a blessing your plan was not approved… the promo of free concert tickets are deceiving… i availed the BB 9320 Plan 999 with 2 free concert tickets (Lower 1/Patron/VIP section )… the free unit of BB + 2 concert tickets made me decide to avail this promo…

    after applying for the promo/plan, i was told by globe agents that i will receive an SMS if i want to avail the free tickets 24-48 hours after after the approval of my plan which was june 26… i followed up after 3 days, but was told the same, just wait for the SMS… i received the SMS one week after (in the afternoon of July) and confirmed that YES i want to avail the free tickets… as part of there mechanics, i need to wait for another 2 days to receive there email with the redemption code on it which i got on july 5… my niece went to SM ticket outlet in Muntinlupa to redeem the tickets july 7… i was surprised and shocked again when my niece called me that she was given the Lowerbox SRO ticket (standing), the lowest ticket that you can get… i was expecting to get seats in the Lower 1/Patron/VIP section… i called up globe again and inquire how this happened… i was told that it’s because the free tickets are on first come first serve basis… ganun ba talaga ang mga promo? kahit na valued customer ka for 5 years, you will not get a fair treatment? ganun ba talaga GLOBE???

  86. What if hindi pa na-deliver ung phone sa bahay ko? Pwede bang i-cancel ung order? Sobrang tagal na kasi eh mga 2 weeks ko nang na-send ung requirements wala pa rin. I texted the sales rep and emailed globe pero wala pa ring reply. May bayad ba sa pag-cancel? Wala pang na-activate na number and wala pang phone.

  87. hmmm 2 days na po d naactivate ung sim ko kaya d pa rin ako makatawag at txt ,. plan 599 ung kinuha ko tas powersurf 99.
    pero ang txt na dumating sakin ay ung “YOU ARE REGISTERED TO POWERSURF 99.
    ibig sabhin po ba nun ung powersurf lang tlga . hindi pa mismo ung SIM ko ?

  88. Hi! I just want to ask. I recently got a globe postpaid account. If I register to UNLITXT promos (like UNLITXT 40) will it be charged on top of my plan? It won’t be included to the plan 999 that I have?

  89. hi. Nag.apply ako ng plan 999 sa globe kanina, lumia 800 ung unit na pinili ko kc out of stock ung samsung galaxy s advance and s3.. Iniisip ko if maaapprove kaya ako, kc wala naman akong credit card (pero sbi dun di naman dw required un) and pasok naman daw ung salary ko sa 999. If ever, gano katagal maapprove yun? Tnx.

    • I also applied the same plan & handset din. I applied thru hotline. They told me that I have to wait 72 hours & they will call me for approval. Tapos after ng approval mag-aantay pa ako ng 5 to 7 days para i-deliver yung handset. Nakkainis. Sabi ko sa CSR mas ok na mag-apply nalang thru Globe Business Center, after approval makukuha mo agad yung phone. Ang sabi promo lang daw sa hotline yung Plan 999 for Nokia Lumia 800. Wtf.

      • HI, ako pina-cancel ko ung application ko kasi tinawagan nila ako after 1 month, sa sobrang tagal ko nag-antay nagdalawang isip ako kaya bumili na lang ako ng brand new na L7,,, hahaha, depende ata yan kung mabilis magasikaso ung napag-applyan mo.

      • got my Lumia 800 here at work. mabilis lang pala yung pag-approve nila ng application ko. less than 72hrs lang, delivery 3days. Wait nalang ako for sim activation. Sana di matagal.

    • Hello.. if na approve ka.. the same day .. makukuha mo na rin yung unit.. kasi ako nag aaply ng morning (plan 999 with samsung s3mini – unit) before 12 noon the same day, nakuha ko na yung unit..

  90. follow-up your application after 3days to make sure all your requirements are ok. kasi minsan di nila inaasikaso, tinatambak lang.

  91. Gaano katagal ang approval and makuha ang iphone 4s unlisurh 1800 after mag apply and magbigay ng requirements sa mismong globe center, not by online application? nid answers asap. Salamat ng madami. Excited na kc ko and nid ko tlga mag globe. tnx ule! :D

  92. hi.. i applied for globe plan 1799 and they scheduled me for delivery and contract signing yesterday 10 to 5 pm dw and until now wala pa.. nag off pa nman aq sa work dahil sa bahay idedeliver, i was waiting pero hndi naman dumating..nkakainis sana pg mag sched sila yung sure naman.;/

    • Hi, I would like to ask kung ilang days nila nai-deliver yung handset? Kasi the CSR told me that after approval of application, I have to wait for another 5 to 7days para i-deliver nila yung handset. I applied kasi thru hotline. Peste talaga.

  93. i have MySuperPlan 999 with LG phone and Tattoo Stick but the I’m not getting connection in my place. I want to dump the Tattoo Stick but I want to keep the number and the phone only. What will happen? Can anyone tell me what will be the terms and conditions for this or is this even possible?

  94. gudpm po, first tym palang ako magpost pain kaya medyo liti talaga ako,sad to say di manalng inexplain ng agent ng globe regarding this matter,i got plan 1799 lumia 800 this morning,i used my superplan.ask ko lang ung 1799 pa is consumable?pde ko sya magamit pantwag o txt sa other network?ano po ba ung kasama sa plan na yan

  95. ask ko lng, i got postpaid plan then autocharge sya, mkakarecieve prin ba aq ng bill from smart or ung sa credit card bill nlng agad papasok

  96. I’ve just checked my unbilled charge to 2312 at nagulat ako dahil my internet fee is almost 16k. Tumawag ako sa 211 some csr says i need to pay for since i am not reg to 999 surfing promo. Sabi naman ng iba kong nakausap pwd iconvert un to their 999 promo para maka discount. And now naguguluhan na ako. I dunno how to pay for that fucking high bill. My question is… is it possible to convert my high internet bill to their 999 promo? And what happen if I Din’t pay it?

  97. Hi po. Kumuha ako ng plan 1799 (unli-surf combo) and a free handset na tab 7.0 and plano ko na magstop na kasi hindi sya maganda talaga for everyday use. (ang laki masyado nung tab). What will happen kung i-stop ko yung contract knowing na naka fix sakin yung handset?? pwede bang handset nalang bayaran throughout the year? :) Thanks po sa sasagot.

  98. so here’s the thing i subscribed to globes 499 amonth to avail the new bb9200 my question is that since that 499 is consumable what if i avail and use this load to subscribe to globes unlitxt20 will it be deducted from my 499 consumable?

  99. I’m a subscriber of globe My super plan 499.. it is purely consumable, you can’t use it to register any globe postpaid promos, nevertheless, additional charges will be fine to if you decided to register e.g. unlimited text to globe/tm, unlimited calls. i hope i can maximize my plan 499. but in my dismay, i think its not soooo sulit… sulit lang.hehe <3 <3

  100. hi! possible po bang makakuha ng mas mataas na plan for a second line compared sa primary line? let’s say plan 599 yung primary tapos kukuha ng plan 1799 for a second line?

  101. Is it true, anybody can charge by data download w/o u knowing? Even wifi setting is always turned Off, at home wifi ON? I hear somebody was charge twice data download as much as 2-5k.
    Is it better just to get unli surf? So I won’t be charge.

  102. Even though ur plan is unlimited data 999. There will be hidden charges of Internet.
    Is data downloading is include in plan 999 unlimited data?

  103. Hi, I want to terminate my postpaid plan. I availed the Plan 999 (LG unit with Tattoo Stick. I talked to Customer Service and Pre-termination costs P3, 495 + the phone unit which is P7, 699 and Admin fee of P550.00. This is too costly and no way should I pay for something I wasnt able to use. What will happen if I dont pay the amount and just let them terminate it?

    • actually, that’s the actual cost of the device. you only paid for the service in the past couple of months.

      if you don’t pay, Globe and its lawyers will go after you. If you plan to apply for a Globe account later on, you will be blacklisted.

  104. I am a new globe postpaid subscriber with plan 999 for unlimited surfing. However, when I got my first bill, there was “time browsing” charges for 45:00mins on top of my supposedly unlimited Internet. How can this happen? I tried calling globe but it said their system is down at the moment. Hope any of you guys can help. I’m really bothered by this.

  105. hello i applied thru hotline regarding iphone 5 plan 1799 and they approved my application (Jan. 8, 2013) wait nalang daw ako sa delivery ng unit (jan. 10, 2013) But unfortunately (jan. 17, na wala pa din yung handset ko !! kelan kaya nila ma dedeliver 2? lilipat p naman kami ng bahay by feb. hayss. anyone may gantong experienced na ba?

  106. i received my phone and sim (postpaid) from globe through a courier(air21)
    last 2 days ago, but the thing is, the sim is not yet activated. is this normal for postpaid sims?
    how long will be the activation?

    • @Colder than iCe, Yah thats normal lang, sakin lagpas ng 24 hrs ung activation.. ginawa ko, nireset ko yung phone ko then pag-open ko, activate na sya.. :)

  107. Hello! Can someone please enlighten me? Kakabayad ko lang ng plan ko last Feb 16. But everytime I text or call someone, lumalaki yung unbilled charges ko. I’m on Plan 499 by the way. I am really getting worried because my unbilled charges keep on getting higher while in fact kakabayad ko lang naman ng plan ko. What does unbilled charges mean?

  108. Here in Laoag Ilocos Norte, activation for plans takes less than 24 hours.
    Last year I applied for unlisurf 999 at 1 day lang tlga ang activation ng sim.
    Two weeks ago I applied for their Iphone5, makukuha agad ang unit at 8 hours lang yta activated na ang sim ko, kya I do not understand kung bakit natatagalan sa iba.
    Yung unlisurf for 999, tlagang yun lang tlga ang binabayaran ko. Ewan ko lang itong 1799 ngyon kung may hidden charges, kya im trying my best to jot down tlga kung ilan na ang na text ko, seems like a pain in the ass but for me to monitor.
    I hope no hassles.

  109. pwede po ba maginsert ng ibng sim card/TM simcard sa free phone n bngy sa plan mo? kunyare sa globe postpaid ka po myplan, s smart po kc pwede pero dpat smart din.. and how much po bbyran upon claiming ng fone?thank you

  110. I am unlisurf 999 .do i still need to regiter something before i use my net ? Or it is just automatic? No need of anything ? I can surf directly or what ? Pls i need to know.

  111. I am unlisurf 999 .do i still need to register something before i use my net ? Or it is just automatic? No need of anything ? I can surf directly or what ? Pls i need to know.

  112. Hi! I recently applied to globe for the activation of my personal hotspot using my handset whch is ip5. I applied just today and I have some questions. If I applied for plan 299. Will it activate the hotspot? I’m just after using the internet without wifi, anywhere u go as long as the hotspot is activated. Can somebody please explain to me clearly how the plan 299 in relation to the personal hotspot works? The csr told me that I’ll be getting a new nano sim, and there’s this 100 mbps and i only get to pay 400. I dont quite get it. Help you guys! Please and thank you!

  113. Hi! I recently applied to globe for the activation of my personal hotspot using my handset whch is ip5. I applied just today and I have some questions. If I applied for plan 299. Will it activate the hotspot? I’m just after using the internet without wifi, anywhere u go as long as the hotspot is activated. Can somebody please explain to me clearly how the plan 299 in relation to the personal hotspot works? The csr told me that I’ll be getting a new nano sim, and there’s this 100 mbps and i only get to pay 400. I dont quite get it. Help you guys! Please and thank you!

  114. I am plan 999 i’m using huawea media pad and i want to change my cell phone no automatically with going to your business center just charge it to my bill and xtend my credit limit

  115. ask lang poh.kung kukuha ka ng postpaid then natapos mo na ang contract na 24months then ayw muna mg renew magiging sayo ba ang phone?

  116. 5 mos left na lang and matatapos na yung 3yrs contract ko with globe. omg finally. pakiramdam ko makakalaya ako sa bilangguan. imagine 350 a month lang dapat monthly bill ko pero pagdating ng bill ko umaabot minsan 1.5k-2.5k ang charges sakin dahil sa data usage? i use an iphone 5 and alam ko na dapat lage mong itturn off yung cellular data mo para hindi continuous ang charging ng data. kung gamitin ko man yung data para mag surf ng net eh matagal na ang 15mins kasi super bilis lang. ginagamit ko lang pang reply sa tweets. i hardly use yung 3g nila kasi i have wifi at work and at home and patay ang cellular data ng iphone ko so hindi ko alam kung san nila pinagkukukuha ang charges nila sakin. well ofcourse magccomplain ako and aayusin naman nila. kaya lang every month na lang ganon ang problema eh. nakakapagod din kaya magalit everytime na makikita ko bill ko and nakakapagod din mag reklamo sa hotline nila. same old sh!t na lang. kaya few wks ago i decided to avail yung smart’s freedom plan and so far so good. masaya ako sa service. saktong sakto ang charges walang labis walang kulang and then yung globe simcard ko itinago ko na lang sa drawer. now my question is since mga 5mos left na lang ang natitira sa contract ko with globe tapos plan 350 a month lang sha, medyo natetempt kasi ako na hindi na lang sha bayaran dahil sa sama ng loob ko sa kanila. sobrang dami kong bad experiences kasi sa kanila. from poor signal to hidden charges. willing ako magbayad kahit ilang libo pa yan basta siguradong ako ang gumawa kaya lang hindi eh. gusto ko tuloy na pabayaan na lang at hindi na bayaran kasi super useless eh and hindi worth it. ano kaya ang worst na pwede mangyare? hope someone can give me a piece of advice.


  118. Sir nag-apply po ung ate ko sa globe ng s4 plan1799. Pero akin po iyon. Parang pinangalan ko lng sa knya kc my balance pa ko sa Wimax 3k p ata balance ko. Binigay ni ate ko ung number, tsaka personal info k sa Globe kc tatawag daw cla sakin pra i-verify/confirm kong tama ung mga infomation na inilagay niya. Almost 17days na po at wala parin. Maari kayang nalaman ng globe na my balance pa ako?tas hindi nla inapproved ung plan.

    P.s. tumawag cla kanina sa ate ko at sinabing tatawagan daw ako.ano kaya ang tatanungin nila?pag nkausap ko na ba sila. pwd na naming kunin ung phone?tnx po :)

  119. Hi… can i change my mobile number kahit naka lock in pa sa 24months Contract? May nanggugulu kc sa akin. Kahit may charge nlng ang pagchange ng number. THanks.

  120. Please Help.. im new to globe, 1 week ago we avail globe tattoo postpaid plan 299 (50hrs Surfing) but until now nakakapag internet pa kami kahit lagpas na kami ng 50hrs allotted time. question ko lang po kung kusa ba ito mag stop or it will be added to my bill ung mga sobrang time that we’ve used? another question po is how do i know my globe tattoo postpaid number? wala naman nakalagay sa sim / sa pinagtanggalan ng sim / sa box / sa receipt at wala ring akong account number na ibinigay sa akin ng c-service… Thanks

  121. This is my problem!

    my first bill cost me 5062 which include my handset fee that supposed to be free by my plan 499 and whats funny about this globe dont release handset until you gave them the payment for the phone so if you think they cant gave me the handset as long as is not free of charge right?
    (samsung duos) = 3214.25
    then i thought i was consuming a large amount of internet connection because i wasnt aware of computing how much kbps we consume when we browse and download .
    then when i saw this post from other blog (
    (“To my horror, I would have to pay almost P3000 pesos! That’s because I have used over 10,000 KB of data!”)
    so may internet usage is 23,509.00Kb and total 2,760.00mins 2days of nonstop browsing
    that cause me
    KB Browsing Charges – WEB/Internet 23,509.00Kb 0.00
    KB Browsing Charges – WAP
    Total Volum 51,200.00Kb 312.20
    Less: Free/Bonus Volume 51,200.00Kb 312.20 CR
    Total KB Browsing Charges – WAP 0.00
    Time Browsing Charges – WAP 2,760.00mins 821.01
    Sub-Total (Browsing Charges) 821.01
    Powersurf Savings 17.44 CR
    Sub-Total (Billable Browsing Charges) 803.57

    now let me total my txt and call fee its was 52.22
    then the total amount that i consume was 860.12

    then my monthly recurring fee is worth 891.08 this was for two months payment.
    summing all of this payment coz me 5,062
    i was shock with this then i called them.(ill make the story short)
    first agent told me that when he computed my total amount less all the possible things that he can less my payable amount is total of 1350+ so i was ok with this.
    then i thought it was ok but globe texted me that i still must pay for 5K+ bill so i called them to clarify things again .
    2nd agent told me that my total payment was 1413 then i ask her why the other agent told me a different amount then she told me blah blah blah and then i just ok ill pay for this amount just make sure that all problem with my account will be settle so after 2weeks i was billed with my 2nd billing.
    and i was shock again! that my payment was 5,275.26

    so i called them again!
    3rd agent told me that i have 2nd bill so b4 he continue to discuss things for my 2nd bill i ask her why i still have previous balance of 3,649.35.
    i told her to compute again my first bill then he came out of 1,900k w0w another different computatiion (“take note i already settled my first billed that coz me 1413”)
    then after that i told her why she telling me another different computation and then she pause and didnt tell me anything for atleast 45sec then she hang up then doesnt call me back
    (*note i have xperience that if the line was cut they will return a call back but they didnt call!)

    so i was concluding this new all system was a mest because they cant even defend all the client/consumer question and still they want us to pay for the bill so our plan are still going and if you dont pay they will cut it up but all we got is nothing but a trash answer from them how we can trust them that we pay for all we used not we pay for all they want us to pay.

    sorry for poor english =)


  122. Hi, Ask ko lang po after sending my application of “Globe Best-Ever mySuperPlan” through ur website, I received a confirmation email regarding my cah out details and monthly payment. What will I do next? Do I have to wait for the call of representative or I can now go to the globe and pay the cash out whenever I want?
    Thank you.

  123. what should I do if the costumer service gave me the wrong combos? for my plan 1799 ip5s, i have 3200 pv. i asked for unlinet999+2 g2g calls for 20 min +9 allnetxt which is 2099+phone price of 1100=3200 peso value.

    pgdating ng bill ko na shock ako na instead of 1799 a month lng ang bbyaran ko naging 2500 kse maling combos ang binigay sakin ng costumer service,

    nagulat nalang ako na hindi pla ako nka unlinet999 kundi naka power surf daw ako at ung allnetxt ko is 10 instead of 9. dahil sa katangahan ng costumer service. then I still have to suffer of not having an unlinet999 until nxt month kc cut off date ko daw is on jan 12 pa so jan 11 ko pa pwede palitan kc bka macharge daw ako dahl ng start na ang billing ko kc dec 17 na. like this is sooo unfair.

    I have to pay for the costumer service’s fault and I have to suffer another month of not having the unli999net that I asked for when I first avail this plan. hindi ba pwedeng i credit back sakin ung exceeded bill ko na 700+ dahil error un ng costumer service nla and it is clearly not my fault, and can I not wait for jan 11 pa to change my combos?

  124. hi..

    I’m new sa pagsubscribe ng MY SUPER Plan499, almost 15 years aq sa Smart then nagtry ako magglobe. Ang sabi kasi ng agent is yung plan499 na plan is with unlimited text plus consumables then yung nag apply ako at naaprove sabi naman hinde, mamimili lang ako sa mga combos which is may 125txt to all networks at depende sa iyo kung ilang combo nun, masyadong bitin sakin ang consumables eh, mamaya top of the bill na pala ako pag nagtext. Ang question ko is pwede ko pa ba mailipat ng ibang plan yung plan499 to plan 599 to avail unli calls ang txt, since this coming month palang ang first bill ko? Thanks :)

  125. hey i have a question..2474 E-factory keep texting me at yung plan ko 1799 ay nging 2078.2 nagkaroon ako ng charges sa mms..tapos next bill ko nging 2108.7 and still ngtetext parin sakin yung 2474 khit ngreply nko ng ba angreason kung bakit tumaas bill ko..pls reply nman.thanks!

  126. sir ask ko lang po!!!! nagplan kasi ako ng 599 unlicall & text sa globe n tm,, sabi sa globe center 24hrs ung antayin bat umabot po ng 2 days??????

  127. Pingback: How To Fix Globe Plan 299 Errors - Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8

  128. tanong ko lng po ung postpaid plan po kc ng friend q e dsconctd na nong july 15 2015 pa…kc d na nya nbyaran…. totoo po b na ma blck lsted n cxa at dna mkakuha ulit ng plan

    • Well, I heard that there are now credit rating companies in the Philippines. Meron nang TransUnion Philippines and there are other credit rating companies. Yes, you can still get a line with your cellphone company by paying your past dues but you might have some trouble getting a credit card or any kind of bank loan in the future because of your friend’s bad paying habits.

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